Critiqued by an Agent

Thanks to the wonderful Inter-web, it's much easier these days to know what's going on in the minds of agents and editors. What do they want? What do they consider good writing? Is my work anywhere near good enough? Several agents host blogs that answer these kinds of questions and more.

One of those agents is Nathan Bransford. Recently, he started a neat little feature called Page Critique Monday. He chooses a sample submitted by a reader and marks it up (with red even) to give at least a peek into what makes good writing. Though fiction is much more subjective than non-fiction, the first couple of examples show basic skills that every fiction writer needs to accomplish. You can find this week's example here.

BTW, if you write non-fiction instead and you could use a critique/content editing of your work, that's something I can help with. Contact me via my form at my website and let's see if we can get your project to the next level.

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett


Pitch a Pair

When I saw this article at the Shelftalker Blog I was immediately impressed by the simple, yet creative book marketing idea it portrays. In a nutshell, an author who wrote a book about salamanders and she let a bookstore know about it. It was such a great fit for the area (that has a lot of salamanders) the bookstore decided to host not only the author, but a naturalist who could bring live salamanders to the event as well. They did a presentation together, a total win win all around for the author, the kids, the nature center and the bookstore.

Whether you are trying to entice a group or venue to host you as an author, think bigger, think beyond one book one author. This author was blessed to have the bookstore so excited that they did the legwork to expand the event themselves, but it won't always be that easy for everyone. It will be more likely that you'll need to at least have tentative ideas (make sure they'll fly if you pitch them) so that the host understands you're trying to eliminate as much hassle as possible.

Have you ever successfully paired up with someone else or pitched a full event around your book? Hope you'll share and inspire the rest of us.

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett