Blogging - Trials, Tribulation and Triumph

If you've been researching writing or publishing for more than a day or two, you're probably aware that blogging is a big deal. You're obviously here, so you know about reading them. If you don't have one yourself yet, I can finally say, I really do recommend it, and that just about anyone can do it. For those of you who have considered it, but haven't yet jumped in, here's my two cents worth as to why you should.

First, blogs are useful whether you're a freelance writer or an author. They're a great tool to use to practice your skills as well as to exhibit them. They are also valuable for gaining publicity in a myriad of ways.

Second, things have gotten a whole lot easier, and that's mostly why you're reading this right now. I actually had tried to do this early last summer with Wordpress which was supposed to be very user friendly. I'd tried the free version and the hosted version. Even with help from someone who said they knew what they were doing (and did not), it just didn't work.

Then, just about 2 weeks ago, I gave Blogger a shot and here we are. I couldn't believe how easy it was by comparison. I'm not techie at all and things went quite smoothly. There are a few tricky things (fonts are interesting), but basically, in my opinion, if you can use MS Word, you can do this.

One more important note, I'm not saying other formats won't work. I've just found this one to be the best for me and that's a big part of what this blog and my new site will be about. Seek other people's information and advice, but then seriously break it down and disect it from your point of view. It all comes down to what your plans and goals are. That has to be the ultimate ruler by which you measure what will or will not work for you.

Good Writing & God Bless


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nwriter said...

Ive just followed the Bill Walsh factor.I've put your suggestion about starting a blog as no. 1 on my small list.
I've never written abot myself, so am a bit apprehensive.