When You Need a Little Inspiration

Well, this post is pretty much the opposite of my last one. No publishing meanies here.

Instead, I'd like to share two resources with you for those moments when you are banging your head against the wall, ready to give up, poised to toss your computer out the window, curse the day you decided to try writing...

The first is a new book called 1100 Quotations: Words to Inspire Writers by Gregory Victor Babic. Set up in a quote of the day style, it's easy to use any time you need a little pick me up. Most of the quotations are from classic writers and historical figures so any of you who are lit teachers might find it useful in the classroom too. You can find out more here http://gregbabic.com/

If you want to get some inspiration delivered to your inbox, you'll want to visit http://writingtips-writingquotations.blogspot.com/ Here you'll find a variety of tips, interviews and resources from writer Laurie Pawlick-Keinlen. She also has another site with inspiration for women, so be sure to check that out too (guys, send over a female you love, she'll appreciate it).


Good Writing & God Bless,

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