Writer Beware Blogs!: Victoria Strauss -- Tidbits

Writer Beware Blogs!: Victoria Strauss -- Tidbits

I wanted to share Victoria's blog post with you today, as I think it has some good food for thought particularly in the area of traditional publishing contracts and the future of the industry.

Many authors go into the publishing process believing that if they can only be tradtionally published, they will be taken care of with kid gloves. As some of these tidbits point out, publishing is a business and sometimes what's good for the "business" will not send warm fuzzies to those at the lower levels of the totem pole.

Granted, most of us will not have books accepted by one of the big houses, but you can be sure that the mid and small size companies look to them as examples, so you will likely see changes at other companies down the line too.

Big lesson here, eyes wide open at all times.

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