Traditional or Nothing?

I came across this question in a few places this week: Do you ruin your chances of being accepted by a traditional publisher if you publish another way first?

The simple answer is -not necessarily. It isn't that black and white that if you do one, you can never do the other, even though some people certainly make it seem that way within the industry.

Will some traditional publishers pass you by because you self-pubbed first? Yes. However, there are authors who've independently self-published, and those who've used fee-based/POD first who have gone on to work with a traditional publisher. Some are happy they did, some not so much.

There are also publishers to whom you'll be more attractive if you've self-published for example, and you've been selling books successfully. Going up against someone who has a book but they have no network, platform or other promotion ideas, you have a good probability of at least getting a second look.

Every author and every book is unique, educate yourself and then make the decision you feel is best for your situation. And as the saying goes, never say never.

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett

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Dan Poynter said...

Publishers are in business to stay in business--to make money.
If a self-published book is selling, a publisher will want it.

Richard Paul Evans sold Christmas Box to S&S for $4.2 million--because he promoted the book and sold 250,000 copies on his own.

--Dan Poynter, ParaPub.com