Yesterday's link & Happy New Year

Well, I wasn't planning to post today but strange happenings in blog land. I could see the link to my example as I composed yesterday and edited today, but it took me a few tries to get it to show up once I hit post. Didn't realize it wasn't there yesterday. Finally got it to work, hopefully it will stick.

Thank you for your patience through the tech stuff that happens now and then. Among my plans to continue to offer the best stuff I can in 09, is my intent to switch blog platforms in the future. Some people love Blogger and it does have many good features, but I think one can outgrow it, especially if you're using it for business. We'll see how things go.

To wrap things up and look forward to 2009, if you're reading this on the 31st, have a safe and fun-filled evening. If the New Year has arrived, may it be blessed and prosperous. I look forward to continue our journey together!

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett

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