Lulu.com Is it Right for Your Book? Part 1

As I visit some of the writer forums, I frequently see comments, questions, and sometimes concerns about Lulu. com. Also, according to a recent article about the fee-based/POD publishing industry, it was noted that Lulu is one of the biggest/most popular right now.

This being the case, I thought I'd do a little analysis/pros & cons list here on the blog for those of you who might be considering it. I'll also break it down into a few parts because there's a lot of info to cover.

Note: I have not published this way myself. I am approaching this as someone who is researching whether to use it. I will utilize the info provided on the site and draw on statements and opinions of others for guidance like any prospective customer should do.

Let's start with Ease of Use
Lulu seems to have a decent reputation in this respect. On the list of "pro" is that there is a lot of information. It's pretty easy to figure out what they offer (which may spark new ideas for your project). The site also appears to provide lots of instructions for actually producing your book.

However, a couple of items I consider "cons" are that you do need to be at least a little bit "techie" to get your files set up right because it isn't just a click or two and you're done. Some people don't want to do any of that. The alternative of course, is to hire someone who is familiar with the process.

Additionally, I don't care for the fact that in order to make contact for additional help (if your question is not answered in the FAQ etc), you must set up an account. Though there is extensive info, I do have a question that I cannot find an answer for. However, I don't want an account. I want information so I can decide if I want an account or not.

Though Lulu does seem to try to be as thorough as possible, no one can possibly predict every question. I think being able to get answers you need to make the initial decision as to whether or not to go with them in the first place, should be much easier. I also realize the number of inquiries they might get could be staggering, but I still think there is a better way.

Please feel free to share your experiences on this topic so that everyone can benefit.

Until next time,

Good Writing & God Bless,

Cheryl Pickett


Sue D. said...

I look forward to the rest of your articles on Lulu. I have a client who has published with them and now is in a pickle. Seems to be a theme as there are others who have mentioned the same thing.

They are not a traditional publisher but what they are seems sketchy. I hope you can shed some light on them for me.

Cheryl Pickett said...

Thanks for stopping by Sue! I'm glad you like this topic. There's definitely a lot of confusion about it out there.

I'll do my best to shed some light. I'm also honored you added me to your blogroll. Looking forward to helping you and your readers.