A Creative Way to Promote a Novel

If you talk to book marketers, publicists, authors, you'll probably find most would agree that it is tougher to promote fiction than non-fiction. A big reason is that non-fiction centers around a particular topic and you can find specific groups of people who want information on that topic. For example, small business owners want to learn how to cut costs, cat owners want to learn how to keep their kitty healthy, and writers want to know how to perfect their craft. Figure out where those folks hang out/shop and you can tell them about your book.

With fiction though, how do you know if someone reads mystery, romance, sci-fi or historical novels with a romantic twist centered around a mystery? It is definitely more challenging to find people to talk to, but it's not impossible.

Today's link is about Mary E. Demuth who I think has done a brilliant job with an idea to promote her new novel. Check it out, then think about your book. Can you do something similar? If so, I hope you'll share.

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett

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