May I have Your Autograph?

When you send or give a book directly to a reader do you sign it? It's such a simple way to connect on a more personal level and there's no question that today's customers are more and more about connection.
First, it shows you took an extra minute to do something special just for them; it helps them feel they are not just customer number 72. It also gives them something not everyone will get- a copy hand-signed by the author. For some, this alone makes it worth the purchase price. I can tell you I got a book from one resource over another just because they offered a signed copy (by Alan Alda) while the others did not. There may have even been a couple dollar price difference, but I wanted the signed version and felt the trade off in price was fair.

You say you're not Alan Alda? So what. To at least some of your readers you are a version of a star, and to some extent the general public still believes just being an author is a cool thing. If you are a bit hesitant or unsure how the buyer feels-ask! If they say no thanks, then no harm no foul. But if they say yes, especially if they weren't expecting you to offer, think how you'll make them smile or make their day. To some, that will definitely be more than worth the price of purchase.

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett


JaxPop said...

Remember a week or so ago how nervous I was about my 1st book signing? I'd tell ya about it but, you know, then I'd.....

You're right - people dig signed copies.

Cheryl Pickett said...

Would love to hear how it went. I'll take the risk :-)

JaxPop said...

Hi Cheryl - pics & everything at http://jaxpop.blogspot.com/

(No worries - my blog is rated G. It's rarely about my writing & it's certainly not about advice.)