Should You Self-Publish? The Conversation Continues

Thanks again to those who've commented on my post from earlier this week-What is Self-Publishing?" We've got a great conversation going here.

The discussion is a perfect example of why I wrote my book Publishing Possibilities. I believe and build my business around the point that every author and every project is different. This means the way to determine the "right or best" publishing option has to be an individual decision. The only totally wrong choice is something that is a pure scam, that will do harm to someone's business etc.

For example, there are people who will insist until they are blue in the face that authors should never choose fee-based/pay to publish , yet Jaxpop is happy. Might he be happier with another option? Maybe, maybe not, but the point is right now his choice suits his purpose. I don't think anyone should tell him that's wrong.

There are others who say traditional is the only "real way" yet Michael is happy with his decision to go independent self-published. Is he any more right or wrong than Jaxpop or someone who goes traditional? Again, there is right and wrong for him, for his project. If it wouldn't work for someone else, that doesn't need to be in the equation, or if it is, it's a smaller part than his own goals, needs etc.

Now, I'm not saying don't seek the advice of people who have more experience or more knowledge than you do. That's an important part of the process if you are just learning. However, decision by consensus (again except in the area of scams, really poor businesses) is not what you should aim for. Something like 5 out of 7 people liked such and such option, so I'm going with that one, does not do justice to your unique circumstances.

Seek solid advice, and definitely put it in as one part of your decision process, but always remember there's a lot more to the equation.

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett


Warren Baldwin said...

"Should I self-publish" is a big question for me. I just paid $1,500 to a self publisher for editing, printing services, etc. The editing was terrible. I've had someone else re-edit the manuscript and between the 2 of us we made changes on probably 1/2 of the pages (its over 200 pages). Now I don't know if I should let them finish the project or not. Ah, decisions!

Cheryl Pickett said...

Hi Warren,
Quality of service is one of the big issues with the fee-based/POD companies. Some people are totally happy, some experience what you did.

Is there a way to try and get any part of your money back? If you used a credit card, you might be able to try to get a reversal of the charges.

What kind of communication have you had with them regarding the issues? You may also want to let them know they need to help you or you will report your situation to preditors/editors, writer's weekly etc. If they aren't concerned, not a good sign.

I'd suggest you do thorough long term pros/cons list for continuing or not, make sure you don't rush into any decisions based on how ticked off you may be.