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Just had to share this resource I found today via a twitter. If you have an interest in children's literacy, this single post will keep you occupied for quite a while if you pop over to all of the links it shares. The other cool thing is that it doesn't stop there, there's all kinds of useful stuff to help you learn, write and promote any related books or projects.

Grab a cup of coffee or lemonade and enjoy Jen Robinson's Book Page.

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett


ReadingTub said...

Hi Cheryl, Thanks for helping us spread the word about creative ways to engage kids in reading!

Terry Doherty

Joyce Grant said...

Hi there,
I'd also like to invite everyone to visit my children's literacy blog at http://gettingkidsreading.blogspot.com.

My goal is to help parents foster a 'reading environment' in the home to encourage children to read.

We provide fun and simple literacy activities and games, tips, research information, and product and book reviews.

I also welcome your comments on Getting Kids Reading - if you have any games or activities that you've used to help get kids excited about reading, please post a comment!

Cheryl Pickett said...

Thank you very much for visiting and for letting us know about your blog. I popped over there today and there's lots of great stuff there.

My latest book project actually focuses on kids so we may need to chat in the future :-)

I encourage my readers to stop by whether you write for kids or if you have young kids who you want to encourage to read.