You Know, THAT Book, the One I Saw on TV

Have you ever walked into a bookstore or library and had or heard a conversation like, "I'm trying to find a book. I think the author's name begins with W and I'm pretty sure I heard about it on Good Morning America a couple of weeks ago." Unfortunately for our favorite librarians and book store personnel, this happens more often than you might think.

For a little fun to end the week, pop over to Shelf-Talker and see if you can decipher the actual titles being asked for in the various vague and meandering descriptions given by actual patrons/customers. Don't forget to read the comments, plenty of doozies in there too.

Enjoy your weekend!

Good Writing & God Bless,


Stephen said...

Those were actually the easier of the puzzling queries-- we had "The Get Ready Sheet" and other resources even back when I was a librarian in the '70s and '80s. The really fun ones were the patrons who asked for "you know-- the book I checked out five or six weeks ago . . . it was green with gold lettering and about this big, with no photos . . ." In what was then the twelfth-largest library in the country, all we could do was turn our heads, roll a couple of eyes, turn back, and smile. Thanks for that memory!

Cheryl Pickett said...

You're welcome Stephen! I would actually think things would be much easier now as people can research a book online before going to the library or store. But then again, relying on humans is a great thing too :-)