Growing Out of Control or Ready for Pruning?

Apparently, the theme for life this week is pruning. First, the message at church on Sunday talked about how God often prunes us, clips out the stuff that's getting in the way of our healthy growth. We know that most plants need to be cleaned up and trimmed to grow properly but we forget that we do too. Sometimes God uses the little trimmers and sometimes He chooses to hack out some big stuff with the power tools. As the Master Gardner, He sees the big picture and knows what we can become when we begin to grow again.

I thought about that in regard to how my life and my writing has changed over the past few years. I'm now going in a completely new direction with my current project, and so maybe what I was doing had to be pruned because it was in the way/I was off course.

Then this morning, I saw this post on a blog I subscribe to "Overgrowth & Pruning Shears". This time the writer talks about pruning from a different perspective, one that allows some out of control overgrowth so there's enough plant to shape into a wonderfully sculptured form. She also talks about how this concept applies to our writing lives too.

So where are you in life, as a writer, both? Is someone getting the pruning shears ready or are you sculpted and ready for a full bloom?

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett

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