What Was It Like?

We've probably all asked the question above at some time or another. Usually it comes after someone else has had a particular experience and we want to know the details. Maybe they worked with or met someone famous, maybe they climbed a mountain or they had to give someone else some bad news.
We ask the question because we want to know how they felt, how all their senses were engaged. We want to know if they felt happy, sad, irate or joyful beyond belief. Sometimes we hope to feel the same too if they just describe it well enough.

Have you considered the experience a reader will have with your book? Not just will they enjoy it or learn something from it, but the whole big picture experience. My guess is you fiction writers out there probably give that a lot of thought, but non-fiction maybe not so much. I'll admit I can't say I thought in that depth until recently.

Also, even if you have considered this point for your book itself (and if so good for you!) have you considered it with regard to other touch points you have with your buyers and readers? For example, if they visit or even buy from your website, what's the experience like? If you meet in person or have an event surrounding the book, what do they feel like when they leave? When they share the experience with others? Are they enlightened, wowed, glad, soothed, excited, joyful or maybe even surprised?

If they weren't, should they be?

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett

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