An Experiment in Book Marketing Worth Following

Seth Godin is known world-wide for his business sense. He doesn't always follow the rules and in fact, he often makes up his own and other people follow him. If you like comfort and "but we've never done it that way before" thinking, you probably won't like him.

However, if you prefer out of the box, creative, what can we do that's different, by all means check him out. His latest adventure involves marketing another new book. One of the "out of the box" plans is that he will NOT be sending review copies to, as he puts it, the few newspapers and magazines that are left or other normal "industry" outlets. He's going straight to the people who will be interested in the topic and who are willing to spread the word. He even involves charity giving which makes it even cooler in my book.

Want to follow along with me? Find all the info on his website Seth Godin.com

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett

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