One At a Time

How many issues are you trying to overcome or work around in your business at the moment? How many things are you putting off? How many "fires" need to be put out before you can get moving in the right direction?

For many if not most of us, the answer is 'to many'. Some days it just seems like there's so much in the way of the good stuff doesn't it?

A post that I think addresses this situation nicely was shared by marketing expert Cathy Stucker. The gist is when you hit this situation handle it bit by bit. Choose one to do at a time, maybe one a week. That's it-just one. The point being that bite size pieces can whittle down the overwhelm into something more manageable. Keep going bit by bit and before you know it, things are completely different.

So what's it going to be for you? Write one paragraph and get unstuck. Tidy up your workspace so there's actually space to work in. Send in that query that you've been afraid to send.

If you'd like to share what your first or next task is going to be feel free. Either way, take a bite.

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