Cause You've Got Personality...

There's a song with lyrics that go something like "cause you've got personality, walk with personality, talk with personality...

Whether you're researching a publishing opportunity or how to sell something you've written, those lyrics point out a key consideration many people overlook- personality.

What I mean by this is sometimes writers (myself included) look at dollar signs, effort (word count), and similar quantitative factors when considering an opportunity. All of these things are important for sure, but they're only part of the equation. In my mind, it's just as important to consider if the task fits your working style, if it fits your introverted or extroverted nature, or simply whether or not you'll enjoy it.

True, sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do in order to make ends meet etc. But whenever you can, go the extra step and I can almost guarantee you'll be happy with the results.

If you'd like to read a bit more on this topic, you can find a recent article of mine here

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Teresa S. said...

Hi Cheryl
Read you little piece on blogging and setting up an e-mail feed. Want to give me a hint. I set up an account with feedburner but could not figure out how to get it on my blog.
I am in the same boat you are just starting my blog and learning as I go.
Good luck with your Blog, writing is another area of interest for me so I will sign up for e-mail. Check out my blog on Middle School Language Development
Teresa S
Former Detroiter-now East Coaster
and EMU grad