Who Are You Talking to?

As I move forward with this blog, my new site (it's almost ready!!) and writing projects, I was reminded today that I always need to know who I'm talking to. I need to keep on top of what readers want from me no matter what medium I'm using.

One way I'll keep up is with the handy-dandy survey tool to the right (BTW, if you haven't voted...). I'll also watch comments, how people get here, and other fun tracking devices too.

While I'm working at all this, I also have to realize I can't be everything to everyone. That part is a little scary. Even though I want each visitor to stay, not everyone will because, (contrary to what some new authors believe) there's no such thing as "everyone" wanting to read a blog, book or anything else. So a few will go away, but others will stay. In the end, if I can say the right things to inspire those who'll benefit most, I'll consider it a good day.

So...how about you? Who are you talking to?



J.Norman said...

I'm not sure I feel too confident with all the apologies you make in your blogs regarding writing, etc. I've been writing professionally for over twenty years and I rather like some authority and experience behind the words when people claim they can teach those of us who have published books, are journalists, etc.

Do you understand? I'm not trying to be rude. You asked for opinions.


Cheryl Pickett said...

Hi J.
Thank you for your comment, it's not rude at all and I appreciate that you are respectful.

I don't mean to come across apologetic for anything. What I am trying to get across, and the focus of my site is that there are options for everyone. I started on this track because I'm tired of experts and others who repeatedly either slam one option (POD, traditional) or who say you have to do this and only this.

Sometimes you'll see me fired up, sometimes a little more mellow which has been the case at the moment.

Hope this makes sense and I hope you'll stick around.