Talk It Out

Here's a simple strategy that can help you in various parts of your writing life:

If you get stuck while and you just can't get the ideas from your head to the page, you might want to briefly turn away from the keyboard and switch skills for a minute and talk it out.

If a spouse, child or friend is around, try telling them what you're struggling to say in your writing. Relax and make it as convesational if you can. If no one's around, talk outloud, talk to the dog or cat (they're much less judgemental anyway) or whatever. It doesn't really matter as long as you engage the verbal part of your brain. For me, sometimes it works even if I just picture myself talking to someone.

What this exercise does, for me anyway, is changes the task from just writing an article or sales info, to sharing with an individual. In my mind, that's easier to relate to and generally things start working again. If not, there's usually more time to talk.

What works for you when you're stuck? I hope you'll share.

Good Writing & God Bless,

Cheryl Pickett

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