Publishing for Fun or Profit

Are you publishing for fun (basically as a hobby) or for profit?
It seems like a simple question to answer and some might even say "profit, duh" and virtually smack me in the forehead.

However, if answering was really that easy, I believe a lot more writers would be more satisfied in the publishing process, or they'd be happier with the level of success they ultimately achieve. I also believe many authors think they're doing one, but in reality their actions point toward the other.

Why? Because while you can certainly enjoy/have fun publishing (I do), it's tough to publish for profit with the activity level and attitude of "just for fun". On the other hand, if you just want to do it as a hobby, admit that, and realize that success will mean something different than steady sales and making income. Neither is right or wrong, but you'll find things will go much smoother if you're honest about what you want to do, what you're willing to do to achieve it and what results are possible from that effort.

How can you tell if you're on the path to publishing for fun or for profit?
Ask yourself questions like these:

Am I happy to make my book available primarily to friends and family? (fun)
Have I analyzed what my reader wants? (profit)
Am I concerned about pre-printing tasks (design, editing) at a professional level? (profit)
Once my book is done, do I just want to get on with writing the next one? (fun)
Do I have a promotion plan and am I doing what it says? (profit)

So, are you publishing for fun or profit? Has your answer changed?

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett

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