Reality Check

Found this tidbit in the paper this weekend. I found it an interesting reality check especially for those writers and non-writers alike, who think it's easy becoming a million seller.

Matt Leingang of the AP recently reviewed a book by first time author Donald Ray Pollock. In that review he points out that the book had a first time printing of 27,000 copies. Doesn't sound like much if you're on your way to a million right? He also adds, and this is what caught my attention, that 27k figure is 5 times the number of a normal first run printing.

Just in case you're thinking these figures come from a small or indie press, not so fast. The publisher happens to be Doubleday, one of the big guys.

I think there's a fair amount to learn here. Big thing is to be grounded in reality, whether you are publishing for the first time or the tenth time. That way you can make a solid plan of action and you'll certainly decrease your chances of being disappointed.

Good Writing & God Bless,

Cheryl Pickett

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