What If?

Lately, there's been a lot in the headlines about big, unexpected events-and not the good kind. 500 year flood levels, record numbers of tornadoes having no power for over a week, and of course, the sudden, unexpected passing of Tim Russert way too soon in the grand scheme of things.

While of course first effort goes to caring for the stranded, the homeless and the hurting, situations like this can also be viewed as a prompt to make sure our lives are in order for the "what ifs". As writers who make all or some of our living from our craft, it can be a time to make sure that part of our life is situated as well.

Here are just a few items to consider should you decide to take stock:

1. If you have an emergency and were not able to be in your home or office, what do you need to be able to continue to work? Where would you go to try to do so?

2. Do you have back-ups of your most important work and contact information and is it portable?

3. If you became physically incapacitated, could you continue to work, who could assist you?

4. If you became mentally incapacitated or passed away suddenly, does someone else know enough about your business to either keep it running or close it down?

Do they know passwords, where to find work in progress, how to figure out where your submissions are, business contacts, will sales/royalties continue?

5. Who would want to know about your situation and does someone else know how to contact them?

Wishing you an ordinary day,

Cheryl Pickett

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John - Chapteread said...

"Do you have back-ups of your most important work and contact information and is it portable?"

Yes and good point - couldn't imagine losing everything I wrote. It's on several hardrives and many are printed- which reminds me I should reprint the ones I've updated.