Books, Labels and First Ladies

One element of the election that came out from time to time and, of course, after Tues night was appearance-specifically clothing. The men generally received the typical comments, if any, regarding their tailored suits. The women were critiqued from head to toe.

Was Michelle Obama's dress appropriate for Tuesday night? Did Cindy McCain's dress make her look classy as usual or was it a miss this time? Who made the clothes and how much was spent?

For many people though, the big question was - does it matter? While we certainly want our first lady to have an appropriate appearance for the circumstances, beyond that as you get into personal taste, how much difference does the choice of clothing make?

In the context of books and publishing, things are unfortunately similar much of the time. Many in the traditional world want people to look at that spine or cover and see whose name appears. If it's not the right one, too bad for you. Doesn't matter how smartly written the book is on the inside or how it could potentially change someone's life.

On the other hand, just as in the world of first lady fashion, there are also those who don't care about labels. If the message is clear and useful or the story profound and well-told, it's good to go for them.

For authors, this means you must know which type of people you are going after. Will they care if your label says Penguin or Pomegranate Press? Knowing this is one more factor that will help guide you to which publishing option will work best for your project.

So which is it for you? Are you sure?

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett

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