Time to Celebrate Again

Just over a week ago, I was very happy to announce the launch of my new book, Publishing Possibilities: 8 Steps to Understanding Your Options & Choosing the Best Path for Your Book.

Today, I hope you'll join me in celebrating the 1 Year Anniversary of the Publishing Answers Blog! On my side, I can say that I've found I really enjoy blogging and that I'm looking forward to keeping at it for another year and beyond.

I also decided I wanted to do something to celebrate and in appreciation of my readers so here's what I put together:

1) Schedule an hour (or more) coaching session with me and you will get Publishing Possibilities for FREE. Once we've had the session, I'll send you either the print edition or the e-book so you can use it to expand on our discussion. I'll even be happy to autograph the print version for you :-)


2) Since today is the 26th, I will give you 26% off a one hour coaching session.

If you've been thinking about getting started on the path to published, or you've been stuck in one spot not sure what to do next, now is a great time to get things going. If it's not quite your time, do you have a writer in your life who could benefit? I'd love to meet them! Please feel free to share the link.

Now for the fine print: This offer is only going to be available for a couple of weeks and you'll need to schedule your coaching session for sometime in February in order to take advantage of these specials.

Want more details? Ready to get started? Visit www.publishinganswers.com/services.php

One final thing- last year when I got started I surveyed my visitors to find out what kind of info would help most so I figure it's time to do that again.

Please make a quick comment (you can be anonymous if you prefer) and let me know if you feel you need more help with: Writing Your Book, Understanding Your Publishing Options (or one in particular), Marketing Your Existing Book or something not on this list?

Again, thank you very much to all of you who've been following this blog. Let's make 2009 a great year together!

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett


Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

I like to read about tech stuff simplified. Really simplified. Call it Kindergarten Tech and let me know how things really work and why I should use them. LOL.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Blogging at Writer's Digest 101 Best Website blog, www.sharingwithwriters.blogspot.com

Cheryl Pickett said...

Hmmm. Tech isn't my thing at all either but if I come across something that relates to writing/publishing type tech stuff, I'll see what I can do :-)