How to Steer Clear of Less than Helpful Agents

The subject of finding an agent is a big one for obvious reasons. Though some smaller publishers prefer to work with unagented authors, most medium to large size stopped taking those kinds of submissions a long time ago. This means authors have to find someone they can trust to help them get in front of editors and to reach their publishing goals. In most cases, the author knows little or nothing about the industry and some less than helpful agents find several sneaky ways to use the situation to their advantage.

Chip MacGregor is not one of those agents. He is well respected and will tell it like it is, even when the bad news involves others in his own profession. This post has excellent tips to avoid common agent pitfalls.

Lastly, just so you are aware Chip was in a serious car accident recently. Though he's okay, he has some healing to do. If you decide to contact him for any reason, please be patient.

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett

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