Now These are Bookstores!

Many of us dream of someday being able to walk into a bookstore and see our books on the shelves. In America at least, that often means first walking into your ordinary boring mall or strip mall.

Thankfully, there are at least a few places left where bookstores are destinations unto themselves and I just had to share this link to some of the coolest ones.

Do you have any bookstore or literary destinations in your area? Please fill us in in the comments.

One I can share is the Raven Cafe (coffee house, lunch/dinner) in Port Huron MI. The owner previously had a used bookstore and when he opened the restaurant, he filled up wall to wall bookshelves upstairs along with giving the overall atmosphere an artsy literary vibe.

When we visited (a couple of years ago) one very unique feature was the fact that you could pull out a book, start reading, put in a bookmark, place the book on a "checked out" shelf and continue reading when you returned. You can get a sense of the place on the website, but unfortunately, they don't have photos specifically featuring the books at the moment.

We all know independent bookstores are declining daily, please do what you can to support these treasures while we still have them.

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett

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Rabid Fox said...

Is it wrong I should salivate at the prospect of ever visiting this store?

In my neck of the woods, I should be so lucky to have a luxurious or eccentric bookstore within driving distance. As it stands, beggars can't be choosers, so I'm thankful to have The Inside Story as one of the places I can visit.