Who's On Your Team?

One aspect of writing many authors like is that writing is an individual, independent, relatively private endeavor. A lot of writers are natural introverts and relish the time in front of the keyboard with only their thoughts and maybe birds chirping softly outside the window. There's absolutely no problem with this, that's typically how I work too.

However, when it comes to the publishing process, that mentality must get out of the way and your team player persona take its place. This is an absolute must unless you are publishing for your eyes and yours alone. If not, you cannot go it alone.

If you intend to publish a book for the public, you'll need a team, and optimally, a team that you have great confidence in. And this will be true no matter which publishing option you choose.

If you go traditional, you want an agent and publisher with whom you see eye to eye on as much of the project as possible. Should you consider fee-based/POD, you need to get the most for your money and feel comfortable with your interaction as well. Of course, if you set up independently, your team will be large and likely include multiple vendors, from editing to printers and you will have to wear a manager's hat in addition to your writing hat.

Yes, writing often comes from a place of solitude, but the publishing process never has and never will. No matter if you need two teammates or ten, take the time to choose them wisely and you stand a much greater chance at winning at this game we call publishing.

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett

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JaxPop said...

I made up my mind to go POD & have no regrets. My plan is to put my second book out this summer using the same company. I will do somethings differently &, in fact, I'm keeping a log of lessons learned. I'll get back to you with that in the future.