Speaking Can Be Fun

It is a commonly known fact that for many authors, speaking is a good way to build a platform/audience and to potentially sell books. It is also a known fact that a large percentage of people are afraid to speak in public. Sometimes the fear is of being in the spotlight, sometimes it's the fear of making mistakes/misspeaking in front of people, other times it is the fear of being boring or uninteresting.

In my opinion, of all people, authors should have little concern for that last one. First, we've already got one key strategy in place, story-telling, which can be incorporated in just about all types of speeches. In addition, it takes creativity to write just about any kind of book so that ability can naturally flow into coming up with unique and creative ideas to put in a presentation.

So the next time someone asks you to or suggests you should speak, don't be afraid. Think of all of the tools you already have in your toolbox and figure out new ways to use them. And for a little extra inspiration here's a fun idea from speaking coach Lisa Braithwaite. BTW, don't skip visiting the website suggested in the comment section- I dare you not to laugh.

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett


Lisa Braithwaite said...

Great post, Cheryl! Thanks for the mention!

JaxPop said...

I chickened out of a really good selling opportunity when I was told that I'd have to speak to a large group. Now I have my 1st book signing next week ... & I'm freaking out. Maybe I'll hire a stand-in for that.

Funny - I have no problem making presentations when it's related to my 'day job' (construction management).

Have a great weekend.

Colonel Sanders (aka JaxPop)

Cheryl Pickett said...

Hey JaxPop,
If you can do it in your other job, I'm sure you can do it in your author life too.

Maybe start by looking at what is similar about both presentations, think about what you're good at during the construction presentations and then apply it to your other opportunities.

Remember, in general, the people who come want to support you and your book. Be friendly, converse naturally and you're well on your way to a nice event.

I would also recommend you take someone with you. They can help you break the ice, or just be there so you know you have a familiar face there at all times.

Let me know how it goes.