What's Your Book About?

It sounds like a simple enough question right? But how easy is it really for you to answer?
If you're chatting with someone you've just met, how long does it take you to tell them what they need to know? Can you tweet your story focus or topic clearly?

If not, it's an important skill to aquire. As people's attention spans get shorter and shorter (because of texting, tweeting and more), it's important to be able to keep it short & sweet when necessary.

Just recently, I came across Nick Morgan's blog and his contest for the best in "elevator speeches". There are some good critiques and examples if you need to work on yours. As a quick note, I also got a nice surprise this evening, found out I happened to win 2nd place :-)

Want to share your elevator speech here? Feel free, let us know if you'd like feedback.

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett


JaxPop said...

Cheryl - You're picking on me this week. Is this intentional? I'm working on this now - prepping for Saturday.

Thanks for the encouraging reply the other day - I'll try to drum it into my head. Maybe I'll picture everone at the signing as an Ironworker - or Carpenter - or Roofer. (sigh!) Thanx - Dave

Cheryl Pickett said...

Never picking on- but if a gentle shove is what you're getting from my posts, I'm thinking that's a good thing :-)

Yes, if picturing people in their underwear works for some, then picturing ironworkers can't hurt :-)

Also try looking at it this way: you have something wonderful to offer, your audience wants and can use good news and positive stuff right now. That's a great place to start a presentation.