Inside the Mind of a Writer

I'm sure you, like me, often wonder how other writers work. Especially the ones that are so prolific if you are not so. I recently came across this cool interview where James Patterson gives us a peak into his writing life.

One surprising revelation to me is that he doesn't write alone. The reasons he outlines make sense, I just never gave it a thought that that kind of author would collaborate. Take a look and see what you can apply to your own publishing aspirations.

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett

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JaxPop said...

Lots of comments flying around about this interview with Patterson. Lots of animosity (jealousy?) vented in follow up comments from blog readers elsewhere. Quite a stir. So he's a money making machine - Why is that so bad? So he has writers working with him - Betcha they're very well paid. Is that so bad? Given the opportunity to be part of the "machine" I'd bet 97% of the writers out there would jump in with both feet. Clive Cussler is another big name author that collaborates. Why is making money (in almost every field) made to sound so distasteful these days? Is financial struggle somehow a badge of courage? The idea that the "craft" is more important than the reward boggles my mind. Sour grapes, no name know it alls & snobs - What a business. Frankly, I like getting checks in the mail & if Patterson called me - I'd answer the phone. Cha Ching.