The View from the Other Side

You and I are writers and authors (or are at least we're working at it). We have lots of ways and lots of opportunity to communicate, commiserate and celebrate the world we work in. This is good because writing can be a lonely, frustrating and maddening enterprise sometimes.

But what about those who are essentially spectators to this world of words, editors and queries? I'd be willing to bet that most of us do not have a significant other or spouse who share our writing world. I don't. My husband is a musician (and a darn good one too :-)). Luckily for me he does understand and relate to "the arts", but not all areas of writing and music overlap by any means. Maybe some of you are in a similar boat, but others probably have family that aren't into such things at all, which makes what we do completely foreign and uninteresting.

No matter which is the case in any given family though, there is one common thread that exists-writers need support and encouragement. Yes, many of us can dig our heels in and push ahead without it, but life's much sweeter and less stressful when we believe others value what we do verses considering it a waste of time and effort.

Not sure how to make that happen? Or if your situation is going pretty well, can it be even better? Here's an excellent post with some simple ideas that can be used in either scenario. Getting things on track may be as simple as a quick forward to someone you love.

How are things in that place where writers & non-writers collide in your life? Do you have tips/stories about how the non-writers in your family support you? I'd love it if you'd share.

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett

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