Most People Don't Need Your Book

Did that title statement catch you off guard? It did when I read the same sentiment in an article recently. But it didn't take long for me to understand how true it was.

It might not be the most pleasant exercise, but consider points like this for a moment:
1. If your book is non-fiction, there is a huge chance that all or part of your information is online and it's free. That's a big struggle the whole publishing industry is grappling with right now.

2. People are reading fewer books generally, but there were hundreds of thousands of new books published last year alone. And remember, that's on top of classics and other perennial best sellers.

3. If you are a reader, you may already have a backlog of books on your shelves along with a wish list, and your friends keep recommending more.

4. Decades ago, books were a major form of escape, entertainment and relaxation. Now there are numerous choices to fill free time.

How do you write and sell books if most people don't need them? You have to make them want to buy them. Want is different than need. You need to eat, but you might want chocolate instead of a salad. You need clothes, but you may want a particular brand over another that fills a similar need.

What's to want about a book? Maybe there's information in it they can't find easily for free. Maybe a writing style just hits the spot when they want something refreshing. Maybe it's because they met they met the author. Answer that question and you'll be well ahead of those who never stop to consider it.

So, why would people want your book?

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett


JaxPop said...

Whoa! Wait a minute.... People really DO need my book. Okay, I'm lyin', it's fiction - but it's a good book. Pretty funny. Pretty scary. Good crisp pace. Cover's cool. You mean... I gotta market the thing too?

I am in the middle of a writing AND reading frenzy right now. Put down almost 6000 words last night & read 4 books since Saturday. Oh, & cranked out one blog post. I'm on a roll. Hope your vacation was great.

Cheryl Pickett said...

Hey Dave,
Of course I wasn't talking about YOUR book LOL. And how cool that you got all that writing done!

Vacation was nice, too short in some ways, ready to be home in others. The 52zoos family is getting a TON of publicity, awesome people. God's doing some great things.

BTW, my milestone today-files are at the printer :-)

JaxPop said...

"The 52zoos family is getting a TON of publicity, awesome people. God's doing some great things."

Care to expand on this? Sounds like good news. You can email.

I'm liking the suggestion you made a couple of weeks ago. Re-working & editing now.

Warren Baldwin said...

More practical ideas, thanks.