Inspiration for Your Next Book Launch

Some authors simply decide within themselves or with their family that their book is officially launched and ready. Some, either on their own or with their publisher's help, have some sort of book launch event. I've done both.

For my first book, Publishing Possibilities I basically decided it was available, posted an announcement, sent an email and that was that. For my new book, Creation Inspirations, I was blessed to be able to have a small book signing event after services at my church. What is done as a kick off depends a fair amount on your personality, the type of book and, of course, your budget.

When I do my next launch, I'm considering something along the lines of what Mitch Albom is doing, but on a smaller scale because I'm no where near as connected as he is. In an interview on Good Morning America this morning he basically said authors sometimes have parties, why not do something to benefit charity at the same time. You can read more about it on his blog I think it's a great idea, wish I could go, but speaking of budgets it's not happening this time around. I wish him all the best though and appreciate the inspiration.

Have you held a similar style book launch? If you could do anything for your launch what would it be? I hope you'll share so we can all be even more inspired today.

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett


Barbara Techel said...

I saw Mitch on GMA also and thought the same thing you wrote about! I'd love to donate a portion of my proceeds to a worthy cause with my next book... just have to decide on which one cause their are so many! I really believe if we give with our hearts... our live's are enriched ten-fold.
Great post!

~Barbara Techel
Author & Proud Mom of Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

JaxPop said...

Hi Cheryl - My 1st book came out while I was out of town - great. (Gone for almost 3 months) One week after I arrived home, got sick, lasted 5 weeks. Not a good way to get out of the starting gate. As you know, my 2nd book is almost ready & I'm debating options. Also debating how to get the book out this time with more fanfare. At least it won't be tough to top the first go-round.

Cheryl Pickett said...

Hi Barb, I agree, the hardest part could be choosing who to work with :-)

Jaxpop, I think you're right, more fanfare by comparison shouldn't be too hard too do. Get those local readers together and have a bash- kid friendly style of course :-)