Are We Having Fun...Still?

When is the last time you really enjoyed writing-your writing? Do you finish a section, an article or a few lines and get joy out of it occasionally, sometimes, often? Rarely? If the answer is toward the rarely scale, that's not good and it's probably time to step back and figure out why.

Even if you must write to make a living, hopefully, more often than not, you like what you're doing. Few of us are lucky enough to love every bit of work we do, and there is a reason it's called work, but with at least some frequency, when we use our gift, it should bring us happiness, joy, maybe a laugh, or at least a job well done, accomplished feeling.

Author Dee Stewart posted about this whole idea the other day on The Master's Artist blog and it made me stop and think about which of my writing I like best (my newest book) and why I stopped writing a newsletter (I really didn't enjoy it, could do something else instead). Take a peak at what she has to say then I hope you'll come back and share what makes writing fun for you.

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett


Dee S. said...

h, cheryl,

thanks so much for mentioning my blog.i hope your writing grows more fun by the day

Cheryl Pickett said...

Thanks for visiting Dee :-)

Mandy Maria said...

Thanks for the helpful encouragement. What do you do?

I hope there is a market for good Christian Hispanic fiction. The only ethnic Christian fiction I've read is Camy Tang's awesome books about Asian women in CA.

Cheryl Pickett said...

Hi Mandy,
I see you got my post on your blog :-) I can help new authors/authors-to be in a few ways My primary focus helping people understand the publishing world and/or decide which option is best for them. My book is available for a more DIY approach and I also offer coaching. I do editing too, but mainly non-fiction.

Feel free to use my contact form on the website to email me if you wish to chat further or if you're on FB I'm there too.