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I recently had a mini coaching call with a new author and thought I'd share the information here as well. One of her questions was in regard to illustrations. She loves the illustrations a relative did for the children's book she's written and pretty much assumed that they could be used when she got the book published.

These are just a couple of the tips I gave her:

1. Most traditional publishers have their own team of illustrators and generally match an author with one of them. It is the exception rather than the rule for an author and illustrator to be accepted for publication together.

2. (If going pay to publish/POD or Independent) If the artwork was drawn/painted on paper not using a computer design program, a graphic designer would have to make them print ready by scanning them in and adjusting as needed. Cost would depend on how well the initial scans processed the artwork.

3. Soft cover is the only affordable way to print color at this point for small publishers who can't do thousands of copies at a time. Cost per copy is still fairly high though so that must be a consideration when setting cover price and projecting profit.

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