I just came across this excellent post by Chris Brogan which provides a nice list of how to use sites social media like Facebook or a blog if you have something to promote. Just having a presence and sharing bits and pieces from your day is far from the whole story.

The big take away point is that selling today is mostly about connecting with people. I'm sure you, like your customers, are weary of being bombarded by advertising. It's always been around of course, but with as technology gave us more options, it also gave us the ability to get messages and information, good, bad, useful, useless 24/7/365. We're overwhelmed more often than not. That's why we rarely listen, or give up our valuable attention anymore -unless we connect. That's why "social" media is named the way it is. It's about people connecting to people, sharing what they have to offer and hopefully enriching each other's lives.

How have you used sites like Facebook or Twitter or a blog to connect with your readers and potential readers? Let us know your success stories (however it is you define success).

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett

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