Book Proposal Help from Publishing Company CEO

There's no doubt about it, getting an agent and then getting a publisher to take on your book is becoming harder and harder. One big reason for this is all of the uncertainty that's going on in publishing today. For example, just a few of the questions publishers are wringing their hands over include: What kinds of books will people continue to pay for and what price point will work? Will e-books gain market share and will they help or hurt sales and profits? And of course, the big one, how can we continue to make a profit?

With all that being the case, publishers aren't taking huge risks on unknowns. New writers can still get published (more likely with smaller publishers) just realize the writing has to be top notch and then some. But before anyone will ever notice your writing, your book proposal will have to grab them and make them take interest.

So how do figure out how to do that? CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing Michael Hyatt offers a lot of help in his two e-books that I just discovered. There's one for fiction proposals and one for non-fiction. They're based on decades of experience in the publishing world and his generous spirit. If writing a great book proposal is on your list to do before the year is out I'm sure these books would be worth checking out.

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett

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