Are You Providing a Path?

A question for you today-once someone has a copy of your book, can they find you if they want to?

For example, you have a website (you do right?), and you want people to go there maybe for more information about you or other products you have. If they have a book in hand, is it easy for them to find your URL? Hint-Many people flip to the back cover to find it.

Here's another scenario: maybe they haven't thought about looking for you even though they like what they've read so far. This time you need to entice them a bit, you want them to go to your site because you have lots more to offer. If they're not looking, how do you get them there? One way is to include a page, likely in the back, that flat out asks them to visit! You'll also give them a few good reasons to do so. Maybe they'll find updates on your blog, where you'll be speaking or what other products you have that they'll enjoy too.

Don't rely on the "because it's there, they will come theory". That doesn't work very often. Instead, give them the trail of bread crumbs to follow, provide a clear path to your front door. Making it easy for your audience to do business with you is a win-win all around.

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett

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