Survey Says

Whether you are in the planning/writing stage of your book or marketing your little heart out, surveys can be a very helpful tool.

If you're planning or writing, finding exactly what you audience is looking for (mainly for non-fiction) allows you to make the book more attractive and salable. If you want to create your own survey, Survey Monkey.com is a popular choice. If you blog here on Blogger.com there's an add on that allows you to put a survey right on your blog and it's pretty easy to use.

Another way to use surveys is to look at those you hear about or read online through the lens of how it might help you with book marketing. For example, a survey was done called "How religious is your state?" The results rank the states in various categories pertaining to faith as well as an overall ranking. If you have a Christian book (like I do) knowing which areas may be most receptive to is a useful tool if you want to do mailings or schedule visits etc.

Are you aware of other surveys that could be helpful to other authors? Please share!

Good Writing & God Bless,
Cheryl Pickett

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